One of the largest and most green islands in Greece, Kefalonia is located approximately in the middle of the Ionian Sea, to the south of Lefkada, north of Zakynthos and west of Ithaca. It has an area of 781 sq. km. and a population of 45,000.

Kefalonia, together with all the other Ionian Islands is a full member of the Greek State since 1864 and is the largest island of the Ionian Islands. Kefalonia is traversed by the mountain range of Ainos with the highest peak “Mega Soros” at an altitude of 1,628 m. Its oldest name “Kefalinia” is frequently used, as well as the alternative spelling – “Kefallonia”. The island was named after the mythical Cephalus – the hero of many ancient Greek myths. In the Homeric texts the island is mentioned under the name “Sami“, which, even today is the name of one of the largest towns of the island, while the people who lived there and were led by Ulysses, were called the “Cephallenians”.

It is characteristic that in Kefalonia the names of the villages end in – ata, as well as the surnames of the residents end in – atos, as for example Kourkoumelata and Tzanata and correspondingly “Georgatos” – a very common surname in Kefalonia.

The magic of nature in Kefalonia will not leave you unmoved, as, apart from the rich cultural attractions, archaeological sites and the Venetian castles, the natural beauty of the island is unparalleled.

Few beaches in the world can surpass Myrtos in beauty, while all the other beaches in Kefalonia are also of undeniable beauty. Ainos, the “Black Mountain”, covered with rare fir dominates the landscape, while in Kefalonia, you will also have the opportunity to visit sites of unique geological phenomena, such as the Cave of Melissani.

Kefalonia’s economy is based primarily on tourism. Olive oil production is another key economy factor as is the maritime sector in which Kefalonians are traditionally connected with. A major earthquake hit the island in August 1953 and virtually every house on the island destroyed. The vast majority of the population left Kefalonia and the local economy was severely damaged.

Every corner of Kefalonia is ready to welcome and indulge the wishes of its visitors


Kefalonia is the largest of the Ionian Islands, by far the greenest and the least populated. It has an area of 781 and a population of 45,000. The majority of the island is overlooked by the mountain range and the majestic Mount Ainos standing at 1,628 m, also know as the black mountain due to the native fir trees. During the summer months be witness to the changing colours as the day gives way to the evening.

The island is steeped in history dating as far back as 40,000 BC and more importantly the Mycenaean era from 1500 to 1100 BC. Through time the island has come under various occupation & ruling. With this and countless devastating earthquakes, the Kefalonians have always remained resilient and more important warm, generous and sincere. This is reflected in the welcome displayed to all who visit her.


The island; while moving with the times still holds on to its traditional Greek “way of life” with its quaint unspoiled villages, cosmopolitan capital & the port of Fiscardo with many “A” list visitors. The perfect mix of old and modern living.


The island is surrounded by this magical natural tonic that is the glistening Ionian Sea. The coastline boasts countless Blue Flag awarded beach & hidden coves just waiting to be explored. In-land lays in wait of years gone-by from archaeological sites of significance and geographical phenomenon unique to Kefalonia.

You will not be spoilt for a choice for eating-out experiences, from beach & sea view tavernas & restaurants to Mitchelin worthy establishments serving traditional Kefalonian cuisine to International dishes including Italian, Thai & Sushi & freshly caught local seafood.

Whatever your idea is of a vacation from just relaxation, historical, romantic, invaluable family time to something more energetic – Kefalonia can cater for this and has lots more with plenty of hidden secrets just waiting for you.

Kefalonia is a treat for your senses

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